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Live Operations

Our Experience

  • We have been doing Live Operations for top-grossing mobile games for over 5 years.
  • We have run Live Operations for several mid-core multiplayer RPG games and casual puzzle games.
  • We believe Live Operations is one of the major keys to success for any mobile game on the market, regardless of its genre and audience.

The Team

  • Our teams work closely with Product, Game Design and key LiveOps partner members to support the LiveOps strategy and execution of the games.
  • We have over 20 members dedicated to LiveOps in the Studio, our main projects are WWE Champions (Match 3/Puzzle RPG), The Walking Dead – Road to Survival (Strategy/Turn-Based RPG) and Star Trek Fleet Command (MMO/Strategy).

What We Do

  • Different games have different strategies, we are constantly re-thinking the strategy and exploring areas to improve live operations on where we believe the biggest gains are (front of the funnel, customer conversion, VIP spend…)
  • Most mid-core games we work on follow month-long event strategies with a mix of engagement and investment opportunities. Month-long events allow players to receive key rewards at different milestones through engagement, aimed at increasing paced engagement throughout the month. We have investment-focused events for top players to chase and compete for limited time content planned as smaller term bursts alongside with the month-long strategy.
  • Most casual games we work on have short weekly or bi-weekly live operations schedules aimed at keeping the engagement and investment focused on very short term and impulsive actions.
  • Our live operation strategy is heavily based on an analytic and stats driven. We constantly assess and try things that are validated by live KPIs from the player base to find out what players prefer and engage the most with.