Gear Inc.


Our Experience

  • Gear Inc. focuses on Mobile Games exclusively. We have worked on top grossing games within multiple genres: Puzzle RPG, Social Tower Defense, Midcore RPGs, Casual Puzzle Games, and Idle Management.
  • Our teams play a wide variety of games, and apply our wide range of knowledge to the wide variety of games we develop.
  • We design all facets of our games from UX, Meta Balancing, Economy Design, Level Design, Character Design, and Feature Design from Pre-production through to Post-Live Release.
  • We follow Goal Oriented Design and Agile development techniques to provide the most intuitive, fun, and successful systems and features that drive KPIs.

The Team

  • Our Game Design teams are experienced within multiple genres and we have designers of each discipline to ensure we can handle all aspects of creating a successful product within the F2P mobile market.
  • The game design team consists of several disciplines of game design including: UX, Product Design, Gameplay Design, Feature Design, Economy Design, and Systems Design.
  • Game Designers at Gear Inc. are a close knit group, we often hold workshops to help our peers expand their knowledge as well as conducting market research and competitive analysis.

Tools and Techniques we use

Proprietary Tools

  • We use proprietary tools designed and developed internally. Each tool is custom built for running successful Live Ops, deploying features, and events for our players.
  • With such a wide range of games developed internally, we have several different proprietary level editors custom built for creating content in our games.

UX Toolset

  • We use Figma to mockup UX and visualize the flow of games before we go into full development. We work iteratively on our UX from Grey Box to final Player Flow
  • We use Invision for Art mockups and Art Exploration. Our game designers drive communication with the Art team throughout pre-production to live release.

Documentation and Data Backed Approach

  • Our design team has used various types of documentation means including the entire Google, Microsoft and Atlassian suites. When documenting any project we strive for “To The Point” and “Thorough” for any audience reading our documentations including product owners, engineers, and artists.
  • We apply data driven solutions wherever possible using multiple data tracking services, and keep a constant tab in researching and documenting trends in the market via competitive analysis and market research.

Development Process and Key Executional Expertise

  • The Game Design team drives the vision and communicates all goals to each discipline within the company including Artists, Engineers, Production, and Live Operation.
  • Game Designers at Gear Inc. follow a standard pipeline for all creations.
    • Pre-production – Work together with all product owners and disciplines to define player journey and product goals at a High Concept level. Define why we do what we do, how we set out to achieve those goals, and what each aspect of the game will be.
    • Features production – For each feature we focus on the goals of the product as whole and identify how the features will drive these behaviors and goals. 
    • Meta and Economy Balancing – Using our player knowledge and data driven approach, we create well balanced Meta games with a deep and broad economy that keeps players engaged. Economies are living and breathing, we use player data to keep the economy stable even throughout live operations.
    • Content production –  Creating content such as expanding level catalogues in our games and creating new characters and upgrades for players to enjoy.

Live operations – Keeping our players engaged and enjoying our games is our main goal, we achieve this by understanding player behaviour and using engagement metrics to keep our games growing.