Gear Inc.


Our Experience
  • Our team is highly experienced with working on a wide range of game styles from high-end realistic fantasy games, modern word games, casual match 3 to WWE broadcast and over-the-top universe!
  • We create worlds from ideas, concepts and turn them into profitable games that people around the world enjoy. We also use fresh new ideas and techniques to adapt them to existing big licenses like WWE.
  • Each project has a dedicated art team. The work from every dedicated team is also visible to the rest of the art teams. The output of each week is reviewed and everyone has the ability to contribute creative feedback across teams.
The Team
  • Our team is experienced in creating games from scratch and setting up successful and impactful art direction and production pipelines during game focused pre-production time.
  • We have 4 Art Directors, 8 3D Artists, 3 Character Animators, and 2 Technical Artists. 70% of the core team are senior artists with international development experience around 5 to 10+ years. The rest of the team is composed of junior and intern artists that have the ability to be mentored and grow quickly.
  • On top of the internal team, we also work with best in class 3D artists and animators freelancers and Outsourcing studios for very specific tasks or styles that require a different kind of expertise. This enables us to scale up production quickly.
Team Breakdown
  • 3D – Our 3D team handles models from A to Z for characters and backgrounds, from High Poly Sculpt, Retopology, UV unwrapping, and Texturing. The team is either specialized in realistic or stylized style, and some are versatile enough to cover the full range. Most of the team is also able to integrate their assets in Unity and set up lightnings and shaders. Another part of the 3D team’s job is to create high-quality models and render for key assets like character portraits or in-game icons. The team also creates a base for 2D artists to paint-over for in-game or marketing visuals.
  • Character Animation – Our team of senior animators are capable of creating frame-by-frame animations from scratch, but also have the ability to work from motion capture data for specific projects. They are experienced in handling direct motion capture sessions, training actors, and do the final clean up. The team generally handles the rigging/skinning and delivery of the final package in Unity as well.
  • Technical Art – At the crossroad of several disciplines, our Tech Artists leads the R&D and prototyping to improve the processes and provide technical solutions that facilitate the work between Artists and Engineers. They also help make the art directors’ vision a reality!
Development Process and Key Executional Expertise
  • All games are developed in Unity engine, we use a full range of tools to produce our assets Zbrush, Maya, 3D Coat, Substance Painter, Keyshot, Marmoset, etc..
  • Capable of providing complete Modeling and animation solutions for a wide range of styles and techniques.
  • Key Development Process Here are some of the main steps of the development of the Art team at Gear Inc.:
    • Pre-production – Collaboratively set and define the direction by creating solid Art and technical Guidelines and producing key assets that set the bar and style for the rest of the project.
    • Features production –For each feature, we focus on creating the assets and animations specific to that release.
    • Content production –  Create models, animations, shaders and lighting for the main content of the game like Characters, Backgrounds, items, Icons, etc..
    • Live operation and marketing visuals– All of our games aim to be Live-Operated for years after they go live! Our team keeps creating new content according to the daily, weekly, monthly events set by Live-ops designers and which require new characters and/or new levels.