Gear Inc.


Our Experience

  • We have over 10 years of experience providing testing and QA services across multiple platforms and software.
  • Our main focus over the past 5 years has been to specialize in games of all scales, from MMO RPGs on PC involving large teams to hyper casual games on mobile with smaller dedicated teams.
  • We have worked with game developers and publishers from all over the world, we are able to include dedicated QA teams in a development cycle process, participate in release planning and be included in development sprints directly.
  • We have worked and been a big part of the testing from pre-launch to global launch for over 15 games that placed in the top 100 grossing worldwide
  • We typically set up dedicated teams 100% focused on a project to support the area and type of work needed the most, led by a QA manager for a long-term period of work.

The Team

  • We have 85 testers across the studio, the majority of our testers have over 5 years of experience in QA and have worked on multiple types of games and platforms.
  • Our QA teams specialize in some of the following roles: Functional QA, Dev QA, LiveOps QA, Security QA, QA Manager, Analytics QA and Automation QA.

Type of QA Work we do

  • Functional Test
  • Performance test
  • Security test
  • Compliance test
  • Confirmation and regression test
  • Player testing/focus test
  • Compatibility test
  • Live-ops qa, live monitoring qa
  • End user support
  • Test documentation (test plan, test cases, test scenarios, check-lists)
  • Scripted testing
  • Directed testing
  • Ad-hoc testing
  • Regression testing 

Platforms we test on

  • Most of our work is done on testing applications and games mobile platforms, we have a wide range of devices with over 100 different devices and over 200 devices in the studio.
  • We test on PC for desktop apps, games, web games, instant social games
  • We test on VR sets on PC and mobile-based VR sets for VR applications and games
  • We test on consoles including Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation

Tools we use

When working on our QA projects we use and are very familiar with the following tools

  • Multiple types of custom Customer Service Tools used by the game team, along  with multiple 3rd party backend solutions
  • Custom Live Operations Tools, used to deploy over the air data and asset bundles
  • Jenkins used to automate build creations and deployment on multiple test and staging  environments 
  • AppCenter, used to distribute builds
  • Jira, used to manage tasks, integrate the development team with classic backlog or dynamic sprint and release planning and used to log bugs
  • Testrail, used to create test plans and test suites including all the test cases ran during sweeps
  • Github, used to checkout latest builds and access to the game in Unity directly
  • Impala, Apollo, Kibana, used to check game analytics and live logs
  • Burp Suite, Postman, Charles, used to do application and integration tests
  • Xcode, used for debugging
  • Unity, used for debugging and setting up environments
  • Araxis Merge, used to merge config and data changes